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This is the gateway to my activities in this wonderful region, Algarve. Have a look around, read my blog posts and find all details about my classes in the Portimao area. Please leave me a comment with questions or just to say 'Hello'! Peace in everything you do - Sonia Bruce ;-)

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  • Welcome To My Site

    Welcome to my site, the gateway to my activities here in Algarve. Arriving in November 2015, a lot has happened and all is very positive – meeting many people from the local community and beyond. I am progressively expanding my […]

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  • Dan Tian : Power House of the Body

    Quick introduction to THE central element of Qi Gong practice as well as of all martial arts, chinese medicine and traditional chinese culture.
    Dan Tian, Centre of Full Potential, is the center of the original Qi inherited from our parents and […]

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  • Summer : Fire Energy

    Each season of the year is known for its specific quality, the vibration of its own, that is called Movement in Traditional Chinese culture.
    Each Movement brings gives a special flavor, or tonality to its correlated season.
    The Chinese system describes 5 […]

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  • Happiness: To Be, To Have, To Do ?

    Every minute we manifest ourselves into the world by favouring one or the other.
    Qi Gong allows us to become aware of our choices. And of their effect on our daily, inner and relational life. All we really find beyond any […]

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  • Free Mind

    We can never know where and how, we’ll experience the most significant teachings of our life journey.
    The main character in the movie “627 hours” is gone on a lonely treck in the western american desert when he falls into an […]

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  • Seed Freedom : Call to action, Oct 2016

    I can’t help but posting Dr Vandana SHIVA’s powerful and peaceful call Check it out !  
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  • Breathing with a Tree

    It was a very hot summer day, another one after many very hot days. I ended up feeling oppressed with a tight chest, unable to breathe properly. And I was gradually getting anxious just because of the restricted breathing.
    As I […]

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  • Trees

    “Trees are sanctuaries.   Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.”   Hermann Hesse
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  • Choosing Freedom

    Thank You, Deepak Chopra for this simple reminder😉 Every minute presents us with opportunities to renew and expand “our” consciousness. We just have to decide if we want to commit ourselves to this choice. Love and Light
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  • What is Qi Gong ?

    Enjoy your practice, enjoy Life, enjoy yourself ! Love and Light 😉
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