In this section you’ll find documents that I find inspirational and helpful to grow in Awareness – readings, quotes, pictures, videos, beautiful events and experiences throughout the world


I have trusted Deepak Chopra’s approach through books mainly, for more than 10 years, and i do feel completely at ease to post his video here. I feel it helps me to create my own path while being safely guided.

I am also always amazed to see, hear, feel, realize how some teachings coming my way, through very different channels and directions or cultures are expressions of a same “reality”. I daren’t use the word “Truth” knowing how sensitive it can be and i certainly don’t wish to engage into any dispute or controversy.

I sincerely wish everyone to create her own experience and to become more at One with Life, one’self and all beings, whatever her own practice. I am deeply committed to this same purpose “for long” and I feel very grateful to be here today, incredibly lucky to live at this  time when so many on earth are intently wishing the same.



To Be a Woman in today’s World

wombblessingWomen around the world are expressing the global resurgence of the energy of the Sacred Feminine, essentially creative, therapeutic, and moreover support for the human awakening. There’s a lot of documentation on the net.

A few years ago already, I trained to be Moon Mother with Miranda Gray, author, artist, curator, manager and creator of the World Womb Blessing.

Recently, I started back exploring with great interest and renewed energy.
Miranda’s last book, Female Energy Awakening, contains many inspiring practices to deepen and share our connection to feminine energy and to Nature.





From Gandhi to Deepak Chopra’s book : will we finally dare, collectively to say Yes to Peace ?