Audio and Video

With time this page will offer:

  • Qi Gong demos
  • Acupressure demos
  • Self-Massages demos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Mini talks on specific topics (health related, chinese medicine and philosophy)


In the video below I demonstrate a 1st practice to nourish the Kidney Qi. All exercices are performed with special focus upon lower Dan Tian and Ming Men, the Life Gate between our 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae.

To discover more about these 2 very important energy center and point, click here.


In this next video I present some of the basic but essential work of Mrs Ke WEN, Director of studies and Permanent Teacher for “Les Temps du Corps”, chinese cultural center in Paris created in 1992. I have been practicing this serie of 5 movements for some years now and even though they seem to be very simple, I enjoy such a continuous discovery, that at no time I am in a position to say “oh now that’s it, I got it!”. My understanding keeps evolving and I go with the flow, remembering that nothing is permanent.



The following Qi Gong set, Qi Gong for General Health or Dao Yin Bao Jian Gong has been created by Pr Zhang Guang De. 8 mouvements to extend life and improve global health condition by stimulating all main organs. It promotes the flow of energy and blood through all meridians and vessels and loosens all joints. This Qi Gong is a part of Dao Yin Yang Shen Gong and is an excellent basic method, accessible to all ages and conditions.


The following video presents Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong for the Heart or Shu Xin Ping Xue Gong, also created by Pr Zhang Guang De. Excellent for the cardio-vascular system, it is very relaxing on all levels : physical, emotional and psychological. It does help to adjust oneself with the external environment. It nourishes and supports a healthy inner connection with your Higher Self, “Shen” in chinese. I practised it almost daily last summer and it definitly helped me while dealing with the hot Algarvian temperatures. It is so beautiful, I just love it!