• Breathing with a Tree

    It was a very hot summer day, another one after many very hot days. I ended up feeling oppressed with a tight chest, unable to breathe properly. And I was gradually getting anxious just because of the restricted breathing.

    As I was waiting for a friend on a quiet location, i took advantage of the moment to sit down on a bench closed by a tall tree.
    I intuitively and spontaneously opened to that one tree because of many positive experiences I’d already shared with all kind of trees. And it offered me all the support i was really needing at the time. And more.

    I discovered the deep physical pleasure of breathing.
    In the same way of the pleasure we experience when tasting a delicious food, smelling a subtle perfume, or meeting any other kind of vibration that directly speaks to our soul and nourishes it, thus fulfilling someplace within us way beyond our physical or phsysiological dimension.

    With this tree, I also experienced in a totally new way the powerful stress-relieving capacity of the outbreath.
    Along with the tree that does indeed breathe, that does experience the constant life flow, but which is free of the emotional or mental limitations we, human beings have to deal with. Lucky trees! I wish i could be a tree sometimes!

    Today, well after the experience took place, I know it is an unforgettable one, because I still feel it going on deep within me, helping me to expand my life awareness. And i do feel deeply grateful for it!


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