• Free Mind

    We can never know where and how, we’ll experience the most significant teachings of our life journey.

    The main character in the movie “627 hours” is gone on a lonely treck in the western american desert when he falls into an abyss. He ends up with one of his arms blocked between the wall and a big rock that fell along with him. He stayed there 5 days before being able to extract himself out, dehydrated, very weak and quite “distressed” and leaving behind… the arm he’ cut himself.

    A very tough challenge and Life changing experience at once.

    A few days ago I remembered this movie while I too was falling, happily with much less harm than he did. The principal immediate effects were quite predictable: pain in the sacrum and various other parts of my body, and the lumbar area quite out of its healthy alignment.

    Walking back home, I became aware of a sequence of intuitive and creative thoughts arising in my mind, sending out some kind of comforting message to the body and its vital energy.

    I chose not to view the incident as a problem whose solution was to look for, somewhere outside of myself. And that in itself felt really good. I guess it supported the natural recovery capacity of the body.

    I got home, gave myself a brief massage with essential oil and layed down to relax.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, my mind could see and realise the possibility to free the energy created by the fall in my body, by letting it go and pursue its own course out of my body. No frontier between inner body space and outer space. Just One space. That was a very clear and vivid vision in that moment. So much so that I realise I’d heal myself if I could hold this image and let it be.

    So I kept quiet, keeping a close look at the natural adjustment going on in my body. Really enjoying the whole thing. It felt as if I’d been in a therapy session with some kind of professionnal, chiropractor or osteopath. Even better because it was free and self governing. A few moments later, I was already feeling much better and the lumbar vertebrae were back in their place.

    Joyful gratefulness.

    We indeed can experience this kind of awareness again and again in our days.

    It’s up to us to decide how we want to use the power of our mind.

    In all circumstances, we are free: reacting or creating?


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