• Summer : Fire Energy

    Each season of the year is known for its specific quality, the vibration of its own, that is called Movement in Traditional Chinese culture.

    Each Movement brings gives a special flavor, or tonality to its correlated season.

    The Chinese system describes 5 very specific Energy Movements, all coexisting together and taking turns to lead the dance at some point during the year : during the summer season, Fire is the leader.

    To fully enjoy these 5 seasonal Movements, there is a complete series of seasonal Qi Gong, “Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong“.

    Qi Gong for the Summer,

    • reduces the strain of the heat on our heart and appeases the blood
    • reinforces the body and its rooting in case of physical weakness resulting from the heat
    • harmonises the energy and the blood
    • reduces the effects of stress and stabilizes the emotional system thus increasing inner serenity

    The summer Qi Gong is very interesting to keep the Fire energy  and the Heart in good order.

    This Qi Gong form is of great benefit to the Heart which is considered as the Emperor of the whole body, including the 4 other major life organs: Liver/Spring, Lung/Autumn, Kidney/Winter, Spleen/Interseason or again 5th season.

    During Summer time, it will also be wise to support the Kidneys, very busy then to temper the ardor of the Heart.






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