• Dan Tian : Power House of the Body

    Power Center of our BodyQuick introduction to THE central element of Qi Gong practice as well as of all martial arts, chinese medicine and traditional chinese culture.

    Dan Tian, Centre of Full Potential, is the center of the original Qi inherited from our parents and ancestors. According to the Taoïsts, our physical body is created by the meeting of the two Yin/Yang energy, the ovum and spermatozoon.

    It is also considered as our second brain and everyone can activate it.

    Breathing into this space allows our brain to work in a broader and more peaceful way which affects the way we think, observe and feel.

    Dan Tian thus appears as a very important tool of inner transformation.

    Traditionnally located 3 fingers widths below the navel deep into the belly, it is in fact part of the fluid energy body which can expand or retract.
    So, one will feel its presence fluctuate at different levels depending on the circumstances (higher when stressed, lower when depressed for example).

    It is possible to store as much energy as wanted into Dan Tian, without creating any disturbance. From this center, one can develop in the belly the so-called Qi ball or Qi belt.

    Practicing Qi Gong and Meditation is a good way of becoming aware of Dan Tian, located in the “center” of the whole space between waist line – “Dai Vessel“-  and perineum – “Sea Floor“.

    2 Acupuncture points located on the abdomen can strengthen the energy of Dan Tian: 4 and 6 Conception Vessel – CV, which can be stimulated by simple digital pressure, Acu-Pressure .

    • 6 CV, Qi Hai, Sea of Energy: toning up and manufacturing of Qi, supporting and re-inforcing the Spleen and Stomach Qi, treating general body weakness.
    • 4 CV, Guan Yuan, Origin Pass: invigorating the ancestral Qi, palliate the constitutive deficiencies of the Origin, improving Qi storage and development.

    The energy generated while practicing Qi Gong or Meditation, is finally gathered into Dan Tian by  hands overlapping each other on the lower belly, at Dan Tian level.


    Original, or ancestral, Qi

    Available for our entire lifetime, its total amount is defined at the time of our conception.
    It is stored in the kidneys and can fortunately be replenished on a daily basis with the energy extracted from the air we breathe and the food we eat.
    In case of physical, mental or sexual exhaustion, it can be stimulated with a major Acupuncture point, “Ming Men” – Gate of Destiny/Life.
    4th point of the Governor Vessel -GV- “Ming Men” is located on the waist line, directly opposite the belly button, between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae and is directly related to the Original Qi stored in the Kidneys.



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